Cyrus Malekani

Full Stack - Programmer - IT Security Specialist - IT Technician



My path, as I remember it, began at the tender age of 8 programming BBS software.

As a teenager, my focus, as for many people, shifted to computer games. I put my heart and soul into the world of "first person shooters" (FPS), and managed to become the world champion of Quake 3 Arena at 17. 

My "Quake"-experience spurred me in to the field of game development and I spent my early adulthood educating myself in said field
(HGO, Högskolan på Gotland).

Personally, I feel that I thrive in an environment where I'm challenged, get to motivate people and develop my own skillset.

- Merits -

- Educated GameDev -
- Educated Electrician -
- Programming and production knowledge -
- Studied Physiology at Karolinska institutet -
- Lived in Japan and studied Japanese -
- Extensive IT-knowhow -